Sexy hairstyles 2014

This style uses colour to show off the different layers of an expert cut beautifully, with pale blonde-pink champagne on top and deeper pink accentuating the tips. This short bob hairstyle is perfect for Oval, Oblong, Square, and Diamond face shapes. Her champagne blonde locks have been cut into a jaw-length layered bob and styled with a deep side part. Her naturally thick hair creates body and volume in addition to the casual twists. This cute short bob hair style is perfect for oval, round, square, heart face shapes.

Sexy hairstyles 2014

The trendy outward movement produces extra volume at the sides making the hair look thicker. This highly contemporary haircut is a great choice for keeping the focus on pretty facial features! The off-centre parting is deliberately messy and the side-swept fringe is expertly graduated down to the temple. The hair is cut with a few layers in the lower lengths to create the upward movement at the sides. This short blonde pixie cut is not only great for young ladies, but also great for mature ladies! The base is a rich medium brown with beautiful honey-caramel highlights accentuating the amazing movement in the piecey strands radiating from the head! The casual side-part creates a flattering sweep of rose-gold hair across the forehead and comes to a pretty, curved end highlighting her mouth. This highly contemporary look is yet another way to wear the flattering medium length bob! The sides and back have curls at the ends, but the top and front sections are smooth and curved, if you love to dye your hair in different colors, why not try the ombre hair? And the rest of the hair is trimmed into long, sleek layers producing a super, side-swept fringe that blends in seamlessly at the profile. This smooth, sexy style is perfect for creating an attractive frame around the face! The medium-blonde base is highlighted with light copper balayage adding dimension and texture. The shorter side has been lightly divided to show the ear and leave a pretty, face-flattering curl at the front. And the glossy caramel shades are shot through with lighter blonde — creating lots of texture in the sleek, rounded volume of the silhouette. Find the latest most popular short haircuts for women, including short wavy hairstyles, short curly hair styles, and short straight haircuts, check it out here. Then the outline is expertly graduated down in a steep angle to finish just below chin level. The two blonde highlighting shades add wonderful depth and dimension and with a fashionably tousled finish, this is a youthful look which flatters women of any age! The hair is cut in long sliced layers with shaping at the ends to produce very finely tapered tips and a fabulous exaggerated curve silhouette. However, in this case, Marion Cotillard has achieved the same look by scrunching and volumizing her chin length hair. This is an excellent style for fine hair and great for an eye-catching, summer makeover! The long blonde side swept bangs looked great on her! Dianna Agron is no doubt catching the eyes of loads of men with her short messy bob haircut. Subtle highlights look very natural and are great for making fine hair look thicker! However, the fabulous colour contrast and cutting technique make it ultra-trendy and modern! And the subtle highlighting and defined strands create wonderful texture and movement within the beautiful outline! The parting is slightly off-center and the hair is styled around the forehead line, just cutting off the corner on one side. It is the longest layers that are combed down over her right eye creating that deep, dark exterior.

Sexy hairstyles 2014

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  1. The back was carefully graduated in layers to display the lightly tousled spirals which end, unexpectedly, with a very seductive longer curl or two highlighting the nape of the neck. This cute short bob hair style is perfect for oval, round, square, heart face shapes.

  2. And the subtle highlighting and defined strands create wonderful texture and movement within the beautiful outline! Do you love this short cut?

  3. The shorter side is cut around the ear but leaving enough hair to form a neat point, which accentuates the eyes beautifully.

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