Sex post mastectomy

Especially important is how a woman feels about her own body. These show that in a loving, supportive relationship: Chemotherapy suppresses vaginal lubrication. I agree with the recovery studies cited above. Discomfort baring the affected breast to a lover. My therapist suggested massage but that's so different from the "spontaneous" pre-cancer way we used to be. I also did not realize I would be so numb over the entire breast and miss the feelings very much when my husband touches me. If your partner has a lumpectomy, reassure her she is still beautiful and sexy.

Sex post mastectomy

Apr 25, Log in to post a reply Jul 21, I'm angry they don't explain you will be completely numb! Peggy, just keep trying, you will find a new way that works. Be patient and sometimes even planned touches can turn out really nice! My biggest problem is I start thinking too much and it kills the moment. I know easier said than done. Where do I go from here. There is no sharing in the large group so everything you reveal will be between you and your husband! The initial diagnosis is traumatic. Aug 17, Log in to post a reply Jul 2, There is something wonderful about having breasts. This morning I was cuddling but got pushed away again. I felt so sad for them. Sex for women has many components. When the man was open to discussing the woman's feelings and shared his own reactions, the pair returned to prediagnosis intimacy. Eccosaiss, There is a weekend retreat held all over the country called Retrouvaille. Chemotherapy suppresses vaginal lubrication. Relationship Satisfaction Is Crucial Still, a subset of survivors noted residual sexual issues: A man's reaction to his partner's cancer-related emotional distress plays a significant role in the woman's sexual recovery. Vaginal dryness and genital irritation. I would welcome any suggestions about how to create a GOOD new normal from women whose breast sensitivity was a huge part of their sexuality. Sexual frequency and satisfaction usually return to prediagnosis levels within a year or two. It starts on Friday evening and ends at lunch Sunday morning, so you stay over two nights. This is all part of our "new normal" and yes they should tell us all of these little details about how our lives are going to be so different. Jun 18, init4life wrote: Keep searching for those little triggers and your "new normal" will happen.

Sex post mastectomy

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Sex After Mastectomy, A Survivor's Story

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  1. Never thought I'd be joining them. During treatment, however, kissing, cuddling and gentle massage — particularly foot massages — can help the woman feel loved and cared for.

  2. We like to watch TV close together on the couch with my husband's arm around me in the den and pre-cancer just a casual touching in that area often led very naturally to the bedroom. I agree with the recovery studies cited above.

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