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The masses here — I pray for you. That said, there is no doubt in my mind that like any behaviour that triggers a powerful pleasurable response, there is always the potential for an addictive behaviour to escalate and for certain vulnerable people to become "addicts" in the truest sense of the word. Someday you may realize when you get older and more mature, that there are people in this world who cannot control themselves when it comes to sex. First off, it's MY body and I will grant access to it as I choose. These wives are for the most part delusional also. They are really shameless beyond what any politician could ever hope to achieve.

Sex lllll

Yeah, sex might not kill you — but depression? Let it be noted also that as a believer most will silently remain on the sidelines as "the meek shall inherit the earth" and this too shall be the judgement. Shame on you and your book. That is why God gave mankind "free will" and knew long in advance that most would fail. Like the Book says, the pathway to Hell is broad but the gate to Heaven is narrow and reached only by few. If one is incapable of reading and understanding the true meaning of the Bible and God's ways, I feel sorry for them, however this reflects nothing short of the exercise of "free will" and the results will stand forever upon judgement day. I would define sex addiction as being so preoccupied with sex that one is unable to be a productive member of society. Too little should be vilified in the media as well! Take a walk in the real world before you start making generalizations that will hurt a whole class of people. I suffer from an uncontrollable need to punch everyone in the face who invents stupid excuses for their misbehavior. I'm glad you've never experienced this, but your statement is totally inaccurate and frankly, immature. We have a happy and stable marriage, but we're human. Why is a high er sex activity incidence considered bad but a low or non-existent sex activity incidence considered good? Intimacy is a two way street that should never be forced upon another or made to feel guilty for not putting out on every desire. Anyone who isn't addicted a little to sex is obviously either not performing well, or their partner s haven't performed well. I love sex, no doubt about it and I do not have sex with my wife. For the doubters and angry offensive ones you might take the time, and brain cells, to actually read the Bible, starting at Genesis where the role of Men and Women are "defined" and into the New Testament where His word clearly defines the role of each and prohibits more than one wife to one man. You are heavily invested in being a door mat. The endorphin release from sex can be pursued just as any drug high. Thanks to the insanity of Judeo-Christian-Muslim mythology, people are made to feel guilty about having more sex than what someone else thinks is normal. Yes, spouses have rights to each other's bodies. April 3, at I guess you are right, they are just a bunch of sign waving, self riightous, bags of air. Bill Clinton is NOT a productive member of society based on this definition nor any other. The issue is too many people lie in their response and then fail to actually produce the stated frequency. It will take at least 10 or 15 years of therapy twice a week to fix this!

Sex lllll

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  1. I am not a terribly picky guy but I have always found extreme obesity very unattractive. A loving husband will not demand sex.

  2. It is very much an addiction — a label which I think is conveniently and erroneously doled out on misbehaving celebrities as "justification" They don't have a clue what real sex addiction is. But that doesn't mean superior.

  3. Take a walk in the real world before you start making generalizations that will hurt a whole class of people. Don't get so caught up with the idea that spouses have rights to each other's bodies and forget about Paul's challenge for husbands.

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