Sex in sports cars

Email Getty Images Canadians may be known for their politeness, love of maple syrup and hockey, but according to a new study, we may have another less obvious national pastime: About 84 percent of those surveyed have engaged in some sexual act while in a vehicle. At the end of , they represented just half of all vehicles sold. When I was ready to start dating again, I naively cast my net very wide. For one thing, luxury cars are sold in lower volumes.

Sex in sports cars

Methodology We surveyed more than 1, Americans about their experiences and preferences related to sexual activities in vehicles. The top two brands for car hookups were Ford and Chevy, way out in front of Japanese giants Toyota and Honda. We then indexed their responses against their self-reported demographic information to formulate the comparisons presented above. But when they did elect to have intercourse, they favored getting creative. Our respondents made one thing clear: Feel free to do so for any noncommercial purposes; just be sure to link back to Driving-Tests. When I was ready to start dating again, I naively cast my net very wide. SUVs led all car types in the average enjoyment of sexual experiences and were the preferred car type of Gen Xers and Millennials. They rated oral sex and mutual masturbation as best each 4. While some hope that their sports cars will attract a partner, consider how uncomfortable canoodling in a two-seater might be. At the end of , they represented just half of all vehicles sold. Read on to see how America makes love in its vehicles. Among women, Gen Xers reported having had oral sex less often than their baby boomer counterparts, though Millennial women led that category by far. Kicking your roommate out can be awkward. While some couples value spontaneity, tragedy can result when the act of love distracts from driving. No wonder our films feature sex in cars so often — or perhaps movies actually inspire the trend. Do it in the garage. Interestingly, that period covers the typical college years. How Common Are Car Hookups? We wanted to know how often car sex happens outside of the movies, so we surveyed over 1, Americans on their relevant experiences to determine how common automobile intimacy is, and our findings were both surprising and steamy. In warmer weather, the exterior of the car offered some options as well. Fair Use Statement Interested in sharing how people hook up in cars? By the end of , they were up to 63 percent. Lovemaking Locations Car hookups present us with options, from where we park to which positions we attempt. When we asked how old respondents were the first time they hooked up in a car, most told us they had been teenagers. Lincoln has long dominated the market for limousines. That may change, however, as SUVs occupy an ever-increasing share of the market.

Sex in sports cars

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