Same sex marriage argument articles

There is also the use of a woman as means to an end, violating the respect due to her as a human being. It does not change the fact that the gay couple is still infertile, though here it is granted that similarly the infertile heterosexual couple also remains infertile where the use of a surrogate is sought. The kind of respect we show will depend on the kind of love we are distinguishing. So by their nature, that is, the kind of union that they have, it cannot form families. They are so much a part of our culture that they have become almost instinctive. It also means that human rights don't apply in a special, altered way to particular groups.

Same sex marriage argument articles

Respect, in fact, demands that we observe the distinctions between different kinds of love. On the other hand, if any of the premises are false, then the conclusion is false, though the argument is still valid since the form of the argument is valid. Making civil same-sex marriage legal The intolerance to opposition among same-sex marriage supporters was most emphatically demonstrated by the debate over how change should be achieved. Indeed, to reduce same-sex marriage to legal equality was incorrectly to categorise the nature of the injustice experienced by same-sex couples. While they try their best to shroud their decisions in mystery that transcends mob opinion, U. This is not, however, a question of equality. I thought gay marriage - that's what we used to call it - would prove one of the less controversial reforms coming in the wake of so many civil rights battles that had already been fought and won. This didn't seem to do justice to either to what marriage means, nor the profound change to that meaning that same sex marriage entailed. The love between a man and a woman has the possibility of not just intimacy but also of the procreation of life. I argued that the concept of legal equality was not, on its own, the basis for state recognition of same-sex marriage. Premise 1' does not save the argument. Traditionally it has been the love between a man and a woman, which is not just romantic love, but a deeper love which includes the love of friendship and one which foresees the possibility of that love bearing fruit. Why hasn't that apparently bullet-proof civil rights principle of equal treatment before the law been enough to carry the day? This is, of course, what is contested by the marriage equality campaigner - namely, what is being sought is a re-definition of marriage. In the case of the heterosexual couple there is a vast industry devoted to preventing pregnancy just so the sexual activity through which romantic love can be expressed can take place without the need for any responsibility to be taken or commitments made should a pregnancy result. But the tone of our public discussion matters and progressives need to own some of the blame. That prejudice lies at the heart of opposition to equal rights is, for many, axiomatic. In essence, marriage-equality advocacy has at times been guilty of the triumphant cosmopolitanism that's been the subject of electoral backlash all over the world. The demand to re-define marriage assumes that marriage is a matter of definition, but this is not so, since marriage arises out of a description of the natural order - that is, the facts of human biology and evolution. In terms of the truth of [5], it follows that if [3] and [4] are true then so will [5]. The United States has taken a judicial path, probably the least satisfactory of all because it has left many bitter that a fuller democratic conversation has been pre-empted. What I dispute is that a plebiscite was somehow inappropriate to decide the question. There is no fudging this point. They are a bit funny, but apply the principles to something you don't agree with and you've got big problems. Here I want to try to flesh out the issues I could only raise briefly on air. The marriage equality campaign, the Labor Party, the Greens and others had the opportunity to call the coalition's bluff and bring it on. But there are many others who support the full suite of equal rights of sexual minorities and even celebrate sexual their differences, yet still oppose same-marriage.

Same sex marriage argument articles

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Arguments for and against same-sex marriage

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  1. It cannot mean the same, since it is obvious that these forms of love are not the same. As most of my conversations occur in the progressive echo-chamber I thought it useful to take the latter approach.

  2. It is worth noting that the various landmark decisions in the United States on same sex marriage have been unable to rest their arguments on principles of equality alone. As we have already argued, a heterosexual union is of the kind which is normally open to the advent of children through the procreative act, in order to form a family.

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