Oil and sex

It may cause vaginal infections Coconut oil has been found to have both antiviral and antibacterial properties. Its symbols were markedly different, but its murderous activities paralleled those of the Illuminated Ones. It may weaken latex condoms One study showed that exposing commercial latex condoms to mineral oil for as little as 60 seconds can decrease their efficacy by as much as 90 percent. Best of all, this new energy source was locked away in the ground where only those with financial backing could tap it. For the Red Shield, the ongoing financial contributions of the international trade in drugs served to add lubrication to the channels through which their debt-based money would flow into the economy in general. Sensing an opportunity, the Red Shield invested its resources into the operations of a select group of merchant bankers in order to expand their influence into the new oil sector.

Oil and sex

For those with allergies or sensitive skin, choosing a more natural option like coconut oil, with no added chemicals or toxins, can also make for an appealing lubricant. One of the key tracts of land harbouring this precious substance was the United States of America. Luciferian and Satanic rites promoted a powerful sexual incentive for those invited to join and this was feed by a steady supply of expendable women and children gathered from the less fortunate sectors of society. In a study, about 30 percent of women reported pain during their most recent sexual encounter. The flagrantly criminal commercial enterprises known as the Opium Wars were nothing more than royal sanctioned drug dealing on a corporate scale that would not be matched until the CIA gave its backing to Columbian cocaine cartels in the later 20th century. Best of all, this new energy source was locked away in the ground where only those with financial backing could tap it. Overview No matter the quality of your sex life, chances are it can be enhanced with a little lubrication. Media Interviews Archive Guns, Oil, Drugs and Sex Mystery Babylon had consolidated its hold on world finances and international trade by the end of the 19th century. The plunge into the most murderous century in human history was now a fait accompli. Popular knowings, The Huffintong Post , The peoplespharmacy , conejoak http: But slavery had been a worldwide scourge for centuries and its trade was well established in the Middle East and other parts of Asia and Africa. But that is another story for another time. The wood and coal burning days of the early Industrial Revolution gave way to a new source of energy that promised a massive increase energy output per unit that could not be matched by any other known fuel of the time. As you need fats to produce se hormones, those apported by Olive Oil, when are metabolized, stimulating the production of testosterone and estrogen. For the Red Shield, the ongoing financial contributions of the international trade in drugs served to add lubrication to the channels through which their debt-based money would flow into the economy in general. By the mid-to-late 20th century the frightening appearance of a social predator called the Serial Killer served the classic Hegelian dialectic purpose of herding a scared population into accepting ever more controls over their lives in the name of security. Potential benefits of coconut oil for sex According to a study , coconut oil is clinically proven for safe and effective use as a moisturizer. Using five drops of Olive Oil, can help to reduce Vaginal Dryness in order to reduce vaginal hurts during sex performance. In spite of these potential benefits, more research is needed to see exactly how using coconut oil as a lube can benefit you or your partner. This situation make women take intercourse as painful, and nobody wants to have pain as far as I know. Not only can lube ease some of the vaginal dryness that may cause this discomfort, it can also help increase sensitivity and arousal. If you enjoyed this post, share it for free. Even more, if the temperature of bodies implied into the sexual performance is the optimal, the Olive Oil is reabsorbed by them, making a plus contact point between you and your couple. Back in the waning years of the 19th century, a distinctly hidden and frighteningly real world of occult abuse now existed behind the facades of every day life as experienced by the greater majority. Where the slave trade came in handy was in its use as a blackmailing agent to control the minion class and ensure the job was being done to Red Shield specifications. Lube works by decreasing friction in your genitals.

Oil and sex

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Coconut Oil As a Lubricant For Sex

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  1. The upsurge in Satanic or Luciferian-based ritual activity during the later part of the 19th century was a carefully calculated minion-specific variant on existing Saturnian sex-blood rituals.

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