Lone sex

Responses to the question 'Is the person male or female? The best thing to do is act quickly. Variable history Sex of Lone Parent was new for and has not changed since then. No changes were made for Images of these questions are provided below. Sex of Lone Parent does not have a non-response rate as it is a derived value created during Census processing for applicable persons. More information Where can I get sexual health advice, now? Find out more about the different contraceptive methods.

Lone sex

If you decide to continue with the pregnancy, start your pregnancy antenatal care as soon as possible. Some medicines can prevent the pill working properly. Your partner should get tested, too. I think I might be pregnant The first thing to do is find out for certain by taking a pregnancy test. If this happens and you're worried you have caught an STI, you can get confidential help and advice in your local area, as well as free testing for STIs, at: It illuminates the dynamics of the Pakistani Muslim community in Houston, a city with one of the largest Muslim populations in the south and southwestern United States. Questions 3, 5 and 53 as they appeared on the Census Household Paper Form: The best thing to do is act quickly. In a small proportion of cases, responses to Persons Temporarily Absent questions are also used. This page last updated 7 November Note the instructions for persons who whish to identify as other than male or female. Always read the leaflet inside the packet so you know what might affect it. More information is available in the data quality statement for Sex. Find out more about the different contraceptive methods. You can get free, confidential advice and treatment from your GP or specialist clinics in your area, even if you're under Your GP can talk to you about this. Use condoms to make sure you're still fully protected. There are lots of contraceptive options you can choose from. I've had sex without a condom If you've had unprotected sex, there's a risk of both pregnancy and STIs. Arrange to get tested if: Document Selection These documents will be presented in a new window. It also includes narratives of members of the highly skilled Shia Ismaili Muslim labor force employed in corporate America, of Pakistani ethnic entrepreneurs, the working class and the working poor employed in Pakistani ethnic businesses, of community activists, and of radio program hosts. A bit dated, most of the study was done in and This page last updated 7 November Non-response rate Non-response rate only applies to data items that directly reflect responses to individual Census form questions. Pregnancy To avoid pregnancy, you can either:

Lone sex

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  1. Maybe you're worried about something? How this variable is created Sex of Lone Parent is a person variable that is created based on responses to the Sex and Relationship in Household questions on the Census Household Form.

  2. In a small proportion of cases, responses to Persons Temporarily Absent questions are also used.

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