Indians sex offender list

The National Crime Records Bureau NCRB data of states that out of the total 34, reported rape cases, 33, were committed by people known to the victim. Japan runs successful rehabilitation programmes for offenders alongside a sex offender registry that have resulted in lower rates of sexual crimes against children. What is an SOR? It could also deter repeat offenders. It does not work judicially and socially.

Indians sex offender list

But it cannot work without the overall improvement in functioning of the judiciary and the police, and comprehensive reforms. While the registry in the US is public, in other countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa,Trinidad and Tobago and the United Kingdom , where such data of convicted sex offenders is maintained, it is purely for the consumption of the law enforcement authorities. The US has a complex system of sex offender registration, while Canada has a more straightforward system of registration and monitoring. What option do we have? Another issue circling the question at hand is the lengthy time duration during which cases in high courts and Supreme Court lie pending. A a registered sex offender is supposed to keep the agencies updated of his home and workplace details, Flavia Agnes, lawyer and co-founder of Majlis law firm, while speaking to indianexpress. Despite the landmark Pocso Act addressing a range of these issues, our criminal justice system needs to do much more to curb this issue. It mostly includes also those who have served their time. Kenya, Nigeria and Taiwan have established their own systems over the past decade. Jaising told Asia Times: This data will be regularly shared with states and Union Territories for tracking, monitoring and investigation, including verification of antecedents by police. They also serve as important tools for the police to use to conduct periodic checks on activities and statuses of convicted offenders. Moreover, it is yet to be established if SOR reduces crime rate or not. Doubts about offender registries Sex-offender registries, and how they are operated have also been questioned for producing results which backfire, especially by putting child victims in greater peril. Foreign university researchers have leaned towards negligible effect on the crime rate and public safety. She had called attention to the need for an SRO earlier this year after a year-old man was arrested on charges of abducting hundreds of girls and sexually assaulting them. Japan runs successful rehabilitation programmes for offenders alongside a sex offender registry that have resulted in lower rates of sexual crimes against children. I have my doubts. Apart from primary debatable issues like the crimes under which a convict would be termed as a sexual offender and the duration within which an individual shall remain an offender, there are a number of other thorny issues. India will join a club of eight countries with a sexual offender database to monitor and track those convicted of such crimes, amidst growing criticism against it in the US, where it is pursued aggressively. For example, to aid investigation against sexual offenders, the concept of a sex offender registry merits further consideration. The contrarian view Amid strong voices in favour of SOR, however, questions have been raised over its effectiveness. What comes before our eyes is the Nirbhaya and Shakti Mills kind of situation. Such registries are operational in the US, UK, Australia and many other countries since over a decade. It also plans to make the database open to the public.

Indians sex offender list

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