Ice cube sex trick

So, get on with it. This one is for post sex activity. Can I blame the hot summer weather for this? Do that back and forth. It only took a couple of minutes for me to acclimate myself and be amused with the fact that the ice was melting because my hotness was just too much for those frozen H2O molecules to withstand. Initially, I was very antsy, squirmish and totally doubting my sanity. Oh, the perks of dating a sex blogger who was running out of ideas for her column. And, please, don't use too much ice. This can cause injury.

Ice cube sex trick

So, how about taking an ice cube and lightly trailing it over your lover's body or dripping droplets? Sex experts have long touted ice as an exciting, exhilarating foreplay tool, which will be sure to send shivers up your spine long after sex is over, and I do mean in a pleasurable way. So I came home, freshened myself up and told my boyfriend to meet me in the bedroom with ice cubes. This will prolong the kiss and drive each other wild with passion. So, get on with it. If not, you continue writing and asking until the correct answer is given. There are so many creative ways to use ice in your lovemaking sessions that will be sure to be mind-blowing. Put a small ice cube in your mouth and engage in a passionate kiss, passing it back and forth between each other's mouth. So be sure to have a container nearby to occasionally place the ice. It was ultimately a pretty tame experience. After all, a great sex life does wonders for your overall health. Linger a bit on your partner's highly sensitive areas, like earlobes, the nipples, the crease in the thighs, along the inside of the leg, along the neck, on the lips. Changing sensations from altering touch to using oils to including heat and cold can greatly enhance a sex session. Here you pour a small amount of wine, alcohol, honey or any other liquid of choice on the navel. The fact is, there are many things you can try to explore the sensory experience of sexual intercourse, which can include different temperatures, textures and flavours. The double sensation is awesome! The cold trail you leave behind will leave a good sensation. Oh, the perks of dating a sex blogger who was running out of ideas for her column. Use an ice cube between fingers to trace a chilly path along your partner's naked body and then follow it with your tongue. If your man is getting close to climax and you're not ready for him to explode yet, placing something cold against his skin, like on the small of his back, will distract him enough to regain control. Your skin is your biggest sex organ, and stimulating it can add so much pleasure that can even lead to an orgasm. This can cause injury. A small ice cube or a cube of frozen beverage will do the trick. Use massage oil to give your partner an erotic massage, making the body heat rise even more, then lightly trail an ice cube over your partner's body or drip cold drops at different spots. This one is for post sex activity. Sex ought to be steamy, hot and sweaty. Warming and cooling lube exists for a reason.

Ice cube sex trick

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  1. As it gets smaller and smaller, hide it in different places and try to find it with your tongue.

  2. That is the way passionate love-making should be and usually is. And, please, don't use too much ice.

  3. Hold an ice cube between both fingers and lightly trail it up and down the spine, between the breasts, around the nipples, between the thighs and other sensitive spots. Or use a clean cold object of your choice.

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