How to train my sex slave

Anything less in unacceptable. After all, just like training a domesticated animal, a slave can become skittish and refuse to obey when it is around strangers. Much like training a soldier in a boot camp, you must break down and strip them of their former identities by keeping them in a constantly humiliated and confused state. Getting your slave to think, or say anything that is self degrading will have her feel profound pleasure. You should remind them often that they have nowhere else to go, or that they are too old to receive a public education anymore. Which you shall only give once you are satisfied with their training session. If you ever have guests over that you would like to be able to use your slave as a gift, you should quickly get your slave accustomed to servicing people they have never met before. By remaining in your home and following your orders, they are given a roof over their head, a satisfying meal, and the stability and calm of knowing what is going to happen to them. Immediate and permanent correction.

How to train my sex slave

Then it is time to move onto the next phase. Never underestimate the power of verbal domination. How can I find girl who is into female bondage? Identity Stripping can be done in a number of ways, but the primary focus should be leaving your new slave humiliated, confused, and feeling lost. In fact, you should begin to provide your slave with ever greater rewards for their continued service and submission. The slave came to believe that its duty was only to serve master and that the two actually had a connection that extended beyond the pleasures of the flesh. Of course, if you desire perfectly submissive behavior, there is no better method of training than corporal punishment. A more experienced slave has probably learned the best ways to pleasure their master and avoid suffering punishment, and can pass along those techniques to your slave. The activity of thinking is to reason precisely to each every logical consequence of what I have told her. They will come to realize that their body is only around to be used, not cared for. How to Train a Sex Slave: Teaching others how to live as slaves is one of the biggest signs that your slave has come to accept their new life style, and they should be well rewarded for such a performance. These are the most favored of slaves, they receive the best rewards, they live in the best luxury, and they serve as an example of what other slaves should aspire to be, lest they become something much worse for their defiance. And all modern North American women need exaggerated forms of submission, because the societal repression of their naturally submissive behavior. A female sex slave needs to have a clear set of rules presented to her that guides her, and that she obeys unconditionally. If you ever have guests over that you would like to be able to use your slave as a gift, you should quickly get your slave accustomed to servicing people they have never met before. This is not the case, as the key to training an obedient and desirable slave must first begin with psychological training, not physical intimidation. She is constantly seeking to attain the next level of my pleasure. She is in my complete control. Talking back gets punishment, saying "I can't" gets punishment, trying to call for help gets punishment, and so on. It is very important you do not use any form of positive reinforcement during this stage, or you risk breaking the hard work you've put in.. She requires obedience training, slave training, in order to attain the level of obedience that I expect from my perfect slave. Collar as many women as possible, and join the Masculine feminine dynamics revolution. Not like the chaotic, terrifying, outside world they would be exposed to. If they ever start to believe that you respect their opinions, or if they have any sort of ability to persuade the course of their training, you could very well end up back at stage 1, where the slave must be broken down once again.

How to train my sex slave

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