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Back to top Article Information Corresponding Author: However, the present study, the first to our knowledge to match both age and sex, contradicts the previous evidence. Drafting of the manuscript: Smillie, Robertson, Yule, Russell. Total complications for patients with CLP were , with a mean of 2.

Free sex insertion tubes

April 29, ; final revision received July 7, ; accepted July 12, The secondary outcome assessed was attendance at an ENT clinic for complications, defined as appointments specifically arranged on an urgent basis for complications and distinct from scheduled CLP follow-up visits. Otorrhea rates were higher in the non-CLP cohort, with documented episodes occurring in the 60 patients compared to in the study group. The aim of the present study is to assess if there is a significant difference in complications from VT insertion in patients with and without CLP who are matched for age and sex. Studies have suggested that otorrhea rates are higher in patients with CLP than in those without. The mean number of otorrhea episodes per patient in the CLP group was 2. Administrative, technical, or material support: This may involve the use of hearing aids or surgical intervention with ventilation tube VT insertion. Study concept and design: Total complications for patients with CLP were , with a mean of 2. Hospital notes were reviewed for data relating to otorrhea and otorhinolaryngology ENT clinic attendance follow-up and complication-specific visits. Acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data: Secondarily, rates of attendance at an ENT clinic specifically for complications were evaluated. Otitis media with effusion OME and recurrent acute otitis media AOM are the most common reasons for conductive hearing loss in children. It is therefore more appropriate to evaluate conclusions on VT insertion from the higher-quality studies not specific to CLP. All of these patients also underwent CLP corrective surgery at the same institution. However, the present study, the first to our knowledge to match both age and sex, contradicts the previous evidence. The male to female ratio was 1. Robertson, Yule, Wynne, Russell. Otorrhea numbers were higher in children younger than 2 years in both groups. Indeed, there could be an argument for a shift in practice toward more aggressive treatment in the CLP group that is already vulnerable to speech and social developmental delay. Optimizing hearing in patients with CLP is essential to avoid problems in speech development in a group already disadvantaged. There was no significant difference in mean ENT clinic visits per patient for complications between groups 0. Finally, numbers of complications other than otorrhea were assessed but not statistically analyzed owing to the varied types and low numbers in each group. This hearing impairment is variable in clinical course but can have detrimental effects on speech development.

Free sex insertion tubes

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