Exrotic short sex stories

I arched my back in feverish abandon. Spent, I collapsed onto my side, my body quivering in aftershocks, my mouth dry as I tried to catch my breath. She reached down and grasped my cock, pumping it, sliding it against her slick pussy. She reached around and cupped my face, smiling her sexy, just-for-me smile. Pushing myself upright, I swept the covers aside and outlined a path from her breast to her hip.

Exrotic short sex stories

She clutched the back of my head and forced my tongue to work until she was dripping wet. My hard-on lay heavy and thick against my belly, begging for her expert touch. Pleasure radiated throughout my body from the hot, tight flesh encompassing my cock. When I bit down on the beaded tip, she inhaled sharply, her fingertips raking the skin of my back as I slid my hand into her panties. I kissed her feet and when her panties dropped to the floor she parted her legs wide, her sex quivering with anticipation. She shrieked as the climax shuddered through her body from head to toe. Perfectly coiffed, her slick pink folds glistened in the soft sun that danced against her tan skin. I could feel she was stretched as far as possible, almost too far, so perfectly tight. Her lips parted, her skin flushed in a mask of ecstasy. I lifted her legs high for better access and kissed the back of the thighs. Her nectar was intoxicating and my raging cock strained as I lapped at her in long, lazy strokes. Still buried deep inside my wife, I leaned down to kiss her. Her breath was slow and steady, the side profile of her breasts readily visible. I devoured her left nipple, suckling and nipping with need. This time her flesh resisted only momentarily before giving way completely. I looked down, watching, hypnotized by the beauty of seeing my thick cock moving in and out, repeatedly disappearing into my wife. I pounded my raging cock into her harder and faster, grasping her shoulders and the nape of her neck to immobilize her, my hips bucking. Her soft moans ignited me further and the next moment I was completely buried inside her, surrounded by her moist heat. Finally, the need to taste her sweet flavour overpowered me and I took a long, slow lick of her silky sex. I repeated this several times until her entire body had broken out in a sheen of sweat. She knew me like no other woman. Her softness surrendered to my unyielding hardness. I stroked her clit and using the pads of my fingers, traced the slick opening of her cleft. She panted and clawed at the sheets. My hips jerked wildly as my cock exploded, and I spurted hot and hard inside her, angling her hips and sinking even deeper so my pulsing cock filled her with cum.

Exrotic short sex stories

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  1. I kissed my way down her cheek to her jaw, licking and nipping at her neck and then lower, her chest sex-flushed scarlet and heaving. Then she took one long lick of the crown.

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