Choosing babys sex

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is to begin a public consultation next month on whether to allow gender selection with IVF treatment. Ten years ago, the Trathens were in much the same position as the Gunns. I was sitting there feeding him, the TV was on, and I caught the tail end of this documentary. Nicola Trathen says she has been contacted by more than women seeking her advice, and most have wanted a girl. Very weirdly, most of our friends have got two boys, and the ones who did go on to have a third child had a girl.

Choosing babys sex

He had a girl. While old wives' tales suggest that a woman's diet or sexual position during conception can affect a baby's sex, these theories remain unproved. But Steinberg's clinic treats 25 to 30 British patients a year, while Rainsbury sees 70 to 80 women. The girls are usually attached to my side, drawing, doing make-up, nail varnish, watching princess movies and just chatting constantly. One couple, who already had two healthy boys, conceived the girl they longed for after being sent to the U. Nicola gestures to the two little heads. The Chinese census showed there were boys under the age of five to every girls. People will take out mortgages, they'll borrow from relatives. The boys are rough and running around with guns. It was quite bizarre. But, sooner or later, the law in the UK may change. They spoke to him on the phone. Since then, there has been a subtle shift. You compromise a little bit of that unknownness. He says he treats these cases with some caution and recommends counselling. Women express feelings they might not share with their partners, families or, in some cases, with their better selves. A desire becomes a need, and then that need becomes pathologised. It is a desire not restricted to go-getting types such as the Trathens or the Gunns, either. They are lovely, lively girls. Leading fertility expert Lord Winston has warned that the method, which uses a dye to help separate the sperm, could lead to genetic damage later in life. Of course I know. At 27 weeks she had a private scan to find out the sex of the child. He says, "What did you want? This is an area of our lives that we can't influence unless we pay for it. The couple have told a couple of close friends, and Susan's mother.

Choosing babys sex

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Genetic Testing to Select Baby’s Sex

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