Brazil bus gay movie sex

Giovana avoids Leo, still angry at him, and gets drunk with Gabriel, confessing that she feels he's replaced her in Leo's life and Leo wouldn't miss her if he went abroad, which Gabriel knew nothing about. He begins to touch his genitals and it is implied he masturbates while smelling Gabriel's sweatshirt. Leo finally confides his interest in going abroad to his parents and they outright disapprove. Gabriel approaches Leo at the campsite and claims that he was so drunk that he doesn't remember anything from Karina's party, including the kiss, which Leo doesn't discuss. The school goes on a camping trip and Leo sits alone on the bus, with Gabriel next to Karina. Fabio and friends poke fun at the homosexual nature of Leo and Gabriel's relationship, not knowing the truth.

Brazil bus gay movie sex

Leo lies, saying his parents are traveling. Still not eager to shower, Leo eventually leaves with Gabriel to the bathroom, which is now empty. They wait for her the following day, but she refuses to acknowledge them. The project results in Gabriel replacing Giovana as Leo's guide home, and she gets angry when they walk home without her one day. Later that night, Leo smells the clothing and wears it while lying on his bed. When it lands on Leo, Fabio quickly grabs Karina's dog for Leo to kiss instead of a person. The school goes on a camping trip and Leo sits alone on the bus, with Gabriel next to Karina. Giovana expresses romantic interest in Gabriel rather quickly, but is appalled when Karina Isabela Guasco , who has a promiscuous reputation, begins to pursue him. On the way home, Gabriel realizes he left his sweatshirt at Leo's house and asks him to bring it the next day and Leo agrees. Leo insists he will be fine, and his mother agrees under certain terms. Leo eventually trips over them and falls, but quickly leaves, angry. Plot[ edit ] The story centers on Leonardo Ghilherme Lobo , a blind high school student struggling with independence. Leo changes positions so he is holding hands with Gabriel, much to the shock and chagrin of Fabio's friends. Giovana kisses him, but Gabriel does not reciprocate. Leo and Giovana return to school after holiday and classmate Fabio Pablo Carvalho , who bullies Leo, makes fun of Leo's loud typewriter. A school project requires same-sex pairs, so Leo pairs up with Gabriel instead of Giovana. A new student named Gabriel Fabio Audi arrives and takes the empty seat behind Leo. The final scene of the film is Leo riding a bike with Gabriel perched on the back wheel, assisting him. However, he admits that he turned her down because he likes someone else. Some time later, the two present their project and walk home with Giovana, Leo on Gabriel's arm. Afterwards, Leo makes Gabriel wait with him at the pool while everybody gets cleaned up in the public showers, thinking that showering with other people is embarrassing. She is reluctant and visibly upset, but agrees. Leo is annoyed at her for what he believes is her interfering, furthering Giovana's anger at him before she leaves. Leo is especially distressed because he wants his first kiss to be special, but doesn't believe anyone wants to kiss him. As they shower, Gabriel lustfully gazes at Leo's naked body and consequently becomes aroused. Gabriel comes out after this, insisting that he take Leo home, but Leo explodes with anger that everyone keeps controlling him and not even let him kiss anyone. Later on, Leo expresses his interest in studying abroad to Giovana as a way to leave his overbearing home life.

Brazil bus gay movie sex

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  1. Leo and Giovana become friendlier with Gabriel and he joins the pair on their walk home. Giovana kisses him, but Gabriel does not reciprocate.

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