Bledding after repeated sex

However, it can also be that hormonal changes are playing their part. One of the most common reasons for bleeding during or after sex is a mismatch in size. In most cases, the bleeding is risk free. As you age, this area of cells moves to be within the cervix. Most of the time, the reasons for post coitus bleeding is harmless.

Bledding after repeated sex

This can lead to some bleeding during or after sex. Vaginal bleeding after sex can often be a warning sign of ectopic pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding could be a sign of cancer. Vaginal dryness can occur for a number of reasons. What might be the problem? A water-based, over the counter vaginal lubricant would help reduce the friction from the intercourse that can cause bleeding. In most cases, the bleeding is risk free. Although this can be caused by chlamydia and gonorrhoea, it can also be the result of normally harmless bacteria, found in the vagina, getting past the cervix and into the reproductive organs. STIs or other infections: Again, increasing vaginal lubrication prior to sexual intercourse is the easiest, most effective solution to this problem. It could be due to extreme friction, causing damage to superficial blood vessels in the cervix. This is due to the massive decline in the levels of estrogen that causes vaginal dryness and irritation. Too deep is too deep: Get ready to embrace your inner Jessica Fletcher. Aside from this being quite painful, it can also cause some injury to the cervix, which responds by bleeding a little during or after sex. Opt for something especially formulated like those from Yes or Sylk. In addition, cervical or endometrial polyps can cause bleeding when they are disturbed during sexual intercourse. Visit your doctor so they can send you to a lab for the necessary tests; with the results, if you do have an STI then your doctor will be able to treat you appropriately. It is important to use adequate lubrication; otherwise the consequences could be annoyingly painful. It is, however, rare. Endometrial tissue can attach itself to other surrounding organs in the pelvic region, generally, the abdomen, causing searing pain. There are a number of different reasons why a woman would bleed during or after sex, which range from minor ones to more serious ones. The necessity for adequate lubrication cannot be over stated. This bleeding can occur during the course of intimacy or after it. It is also a major cause of infertility. Conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis or adenomyosis can also cause some bleeding during or after sex. Think chlamydia and gonorrhoea, for starters.

Bledding after repeated sex

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I tested negative for STDs & pregnancy, but I bleed during sex, have swollen breasts & no appetite.

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  1. If your period dates are nearby, the source of the blood could be from your uterus. However, if it persists, you must pay a visit to your gynaecologist as soon as possible and get a thorough evaluation done.

  2. It is important to use adequate lubrication; otherwise the consequences could be annoyingly painful.

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