Bear sex parties

We recommend that you get there within the first hour. Please come showered and wear deodorant. Frequently Asked Questions - How many guys attend each party? We do not have private rooms. For example, if you want to be a total pig and do this or that to a couple or a bunch of guys, tell them or everyone around you that that's what you want and they, being men, will likely oblige. Only if you want to be.

Bear sex parties

Alert the host if anyone is bothering you. No sharing your phone number, e-mail, pictures, or address. Arriving during the first hour is a good target. Yes, that's what it's all about, right? Illegal drugs are not permitted at the party. Door closure times listed above may be earlier if the party ends everyone finishes and goes home , which happens occasionally, so the sooner the better. Thinking of coming later? If someone is doing something you don't like just say, "No, thanks," ask him to stop or gently move his hand away. There should be guys there to suit every taste. Frequently Asked Questions - How many guys attend each party? Here's the bottom line and it's essentially the same as anywhere else: We do not track and cannot offer any information concerning the appearance, sexual roles or interests of our members or the guys attending a specific party because every party is different. As you would expect, you may not be into every guy and that works both ways. It doesn't matter if they're very small, you must keep anything you need with you such as your own brand of lube, condoms or poppers in your sock or in your hand. Feel free to bring them. We do not have private rooms. If you wish to bring flip flops we can find a spot to store your shoes. We provide condoms and lube. Meet guys that live far away whom you'd never hook-up with due to distance. We don't use plastic trash bags at this party, but you're welcome to bring your own. There's no pressure to play. If you have a specific concern, ask us. A group environment can be a huge turn-on for many guys. You must check any electronic devices capable of taking pictures or video. We don't recommend arriving later than 3: It's sort of like being in a porno without the video evidence. Use your best judgment.

Bear sex parties

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